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Third generation test tube baby well-known expert: Macao doctor

Name Ma
China China
District Tianjin
Department of Gynecology, Tianjin First Central Hospital
Title Chief Physician
Degree: Master
Professional gynecology
Address Office: No. 24, Fukang Road, Nankai District, Tianjin; East Hospital: No. 21, Xingkai Road, Hevi District, Tianjin
Recommended gynecology
Ma Wei, female, graduated from Tianjin Medical University.Engaged in gynecology for more than 20 years.Served as the eight-year clinical teaching work in Nankai University Medical College.The diagnosis and treatment of gynecological tumors, gynecological common diseases and multiplexed diseases have a wealth of leading experience.
Good at cervical disease, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding, uterus and ovarian malignant tumors.
Tianjin First Central Hospital medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care is a comprehensive third-level hospital.The hospital has more than 1,500 beds, 47 clinical professional departments, of which organ transplantation center, severe medical department, key laboratory, Chinese and Western Medicine joints and testivacies are national key clinical specialized construction projects; organ transplantation center, intensive medical department and ear noseThe throat head and neck surgery is the municipal key specialist; Tianjin Institute of Organ Transplantation, Tianjin Emergency Medical Research Institute, Tianjin ENT Research Institute, Tianjin Institute of Imaging Medicine, Tianjin Thrombosis and Hemiphardn Research Institute, Tianjin Hospital System EngineeringThe Institute is a municipal level research institute; more than 2,500 health technicians, including 450 national title, 34 national licensed experts, 798 doctoral degree, 87 doctoral students, 87 masters.
The hospital has advanced medical equipment, including PET-CT, 3.0T magnetic resonance, dual source CT, DSA, DR, OCT, ECT, breast molybdenum target positioning, real-time four-dimensional color ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic blood analysis flow wire system, automatic enzyme disorder analysis system, gene analyzer,钬 Laser, intravascular ultrasound, endoscopic ultrasound system, etc., and world-synchronous leading large equipment.
At the same time, the hospital undertakes the graduate students of Tianjin Medical University, Nankai University School of Medicine, undergraduate, college student theory and clinical teaching work, assumes Tianjin residents, general practitioners standardized training tasks, and post-clinical medical studentsThe teaching task of the workstation has received more than 150 scientific research results including the National Science and Technology Progress Award embryo, Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award and the Chinese Medical Association Science and Technology Award.
In recent years, the hospital has received "National Top Ten Love Baby Hospital", "National Baijia Hospital", "National People's Reassuring Demonstration Hospital", "The Fourth National Hospital (Health) Cultural Construction Advanced Unit", "Tianjin Health Industry PeopleSatisfactory hospitality "," has been designated by the state as a designated hospital for the Beijing Olympic Games Tianjin Fair in 2008.
The following is the third test tube infant expert report: one of the founders of China's reproductive project; deputy director of the Chinese Medical Research Center, Director of the National Sperm Bank Technology Guidance Center; Genetics and Reproductive Medicine Expert, Director of the Reproductive Engineering Department of Defense Medicine, State CouncilSpecial allowance experts, director of the Reproductive Center, doctoral tutor.In 1995, he has been engaged in the research and clinical work of reproductive medicine. The teacher came from the mother of China's trial of the mother, and under the cultivation and guidance of Zhang Professor. Under the cultivation and guidance, successfully completed the multi-test tube infant surgery, diligent and eagerness, exquisite technology, professor Zhang LizhuReal biography, is one of the most proud of Professor Zhang Lizhu.Many times as a ** visit scholar to the US Yale University, the French Nick Medical Center, the American Red Cross Virus Institute, and the University of Toronto, Canada conduct academic research.In 1996, we started the study of Subject-embryonic transplantation (test tube infant) with Professor Su Huihua; 997 won the research work of the two-cavity four-cell tube for emergency, chronic prostatitis treatment; in 1998Sperm egg intracellular injection technology won the clinical pregnancy of South China ** second-generation test tube, and obtained healthy newborn in 1999; in 1999, the cultivation of South China ** embryonic sacstoclastic; in 2000, the obstruction is completed with single estrogenic infusion technologySperm (using epididymis, testicular sperm) and the treatment of dead essence and acquire health newborn; in 2002, the embryonic auxiliary incubation technology was first carried out in South China, and the embryonic frozen - resuscitation process was established.In 2003, he won South China ** unripe egg in vitro mature test tube babies.Su Huihua Su Huihua, female, China's maternity science important pioneer, the pioneer of modern reproductive medicine; Su Huihua Director Suihua is engaged in medical research, teaching and clinical work in more than 20 years from university, and after the medical doctoral degree in medicine, first goes to the United States first.Postdoctoral studies, main attack gynecological endocrine, pathology, local anatomy and early diagnosis of tumors.After returning to China, the division from my country's famous reproductive medical experts Lu Guangxi, long-term commitment to infertility, test tube baby research, and Professor Ma Jingru jointly studying the test tube baby has achieved a major breakthrough.From now on, more than 20 years of experience in the treatment of infertility patients, there is a quite experience in the diagnosis and treatment of female infertility.In follicular monitoring, eggs, embryonic transplantation, immature egg test tube infant technology is also very high, in the leading position in the peers, and successfully completed more than 2,000 test tube infants.In recent years, more than 10 papers have been published in *** and provincial core journals. Among them, "the third generation test tube infants' depth study of Quality and exception" was rated as a first prize by the 2nd birth regulation society in Guangdong Province.
Precautions editing
The third generation of test tube infant technology is mainly for those third-generation test tubes, which have caused repeated abortion, or couples who carry sexual chromosome, genetic diseases, such that children can make birth more healthy.然而,这项技术不适合每个人,因为它是一种创新技术,需要来自胚胎的一些样品,这可能难以预测胎儿,只能被说是。如果您不符合第三代试管宝宝的指示,建议尝试一般的第二代试管婴儿
其次,在进行试管婴儿时,必须注意,在使用药物之前必须仔细阅读药物指示手册。 如果药物期间存在不良反应,请前往我们的医院进行咨询,以便医生将诊断和治疗。
第四,一般在循环的第12至第14天,卵泡成熟,卵泡在卵泡成熟后停止卵巢。在药物的夜晚左右9点(特别是医生录取)Myocardria Gonadotropin(HCG)。注射HCG后36小时服用阴道服用卵巢,丈夫拿了精液。最好提前洗澡或部分清洁。
5。 丈夫及时采购一次。